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Lemon Haze Distillate Cartridge by WTF Extracts

Lemon Haze Distillate | ½ gram Cartridge WTF Extracts | Where: Mint Dispensary

Anyone who wants a clean vape experience can count on the team at WTF for strain specific selections. This Lemon Haze oil is an awakening sativa that has tasty terpenes in the mix as well. I recommend WTF brand for consistently affordable, clean vape oil. High marks for decency and consistency go a long way in the vaping market, where some companies are known for inconsistencies of quality between different strains and branded collaborations. WTF vapes are available valleywide and always at Mint Dispensary locations. By Michael Cassini@EditorInCheef.

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Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.


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