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Lemon ATF Hash Rosin by The Superior

Lemon ATF | Hash Rosin Superior | The Superior Dispensary

The Superior definitely has the Hash and it’s been a hit every time. This Lemon ATF Hash Rosin was called their slapple sauce due to the saucy sappy consistency and although it was a tad bit difficult to work with it was a hit in every department. From the looks to the flavor everything was on point. Cracking the lid I was immediately hit in the face with a sweet citrus smell that was more like a tangerine. Taking a nice glob about a quarter of a gram at 590 degrees was perfection. The melt was clean, the flavor became even stronger and the effects were a perfect balance of relaxing and uplifting making me want to chill out on the couch and watch some Discovery Channel. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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