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Las Vegas Cannabis Awards

Nugs, Music, Personalities, Awards…. OH MY!!!

Hey, did you catch The Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s? LOL Me either, but what I did catch and will try to catch every year is in my opinion one of the dopest award shows around. I have been in the cannabis industry for…. well I’m not going to date myself but let’s say for quite some time now and I’ve been to and even won some awards at cannabis award shows around the U.S. They all definitely have their own style and twist to them. The one thing they all have in common is the best bud categories, but the bud pretty much stops there. Some award shows focus on the medical side, some focus on the recreational side, some focus on clout and hype, while some, well, they knock it out of the park and realize there is more to cannabis than just cannabis. Yeah, I said it. The cannabis world is filled with not just growers and smokers but athletes, musicians, artists, activists, influencers, and much more. That’s where this particular cannabis award show caught my attention.

On a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for a cannabis business trip, I happened to run into a cool guy. We got to chatting and next thing I know I’m on the special guest list for a local cannabis award show. This wasn’t a typical award show. It was filled with nugs, music, amazing personalities, and tons of awards! I had to reach back out and pick his brain a little to share with you. So fire up a fat blunt or bowl and check out what he had to say and learn how you can join the fun.

Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Young Hippy

Best Cannabis Podcast | The Hippy Chronicles

Let’s get the basics out real quick… What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Sheldon Cooper. The founder of the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards.

What made you start and want to run a Cannabis Award Show?

There was a need and a want. In Las Vegas, we wanted to show recognition and honor companies and individuals that have made a difference in the cannabis community, not only in Las Vegas but nationwide. So naturally, we knew it was time to start the 1st Las Vegas Cannabis Awards.

What type of categories and awards are at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards?

We have over 100 different awards. Some of the awards are your standard ones like Best Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD Flower, Best Vape, Best Edible, and Best Drink in Las Vegas. Of course, these particular categories are for state residents due to law, but we have tons of other categories for people from all over the U.S.A.

Oh and of course if someone wanted to enter or nominate someone else, how would they do so and do they have to be a Nevada resident?

Nominations are easy. All you need to do is submit name or company name to our Instagram or email You can also scope the website for more info and links. Individuals don’t need to be Nevada residents and out of state companies are allowed to be a part of the event as well. We also have a couple categories that solely focus on out of state categories.

What’s the biggest category?

Best Dispensary in Las Vegas received the most votes.

What’s your favorite category?

Best Cannabis Musician In Las Vegas

What’s the most honorable award?

Cannabis Activist Of The Year

What award will I win? Just kidding

Cannabis Male Entrepreneur Of The Year

Las Vegas Cannabis Awards

Who have been some of the most memorable guests and or nominees? What did they win?

Some of the most memorable guests we have had range from Afroman, Ron Jeremy, Kmk, Alkaholiks, The Dove Shack. So a wide variety of people join us. It truly shows cannabis unites. To answer the second part, well we have a lot of special guests, some are nominees others are guests of honor. So not all walk out with awards. But all have a great time!

What’s been the coolest thing a fan of the event has done?

It’s always great seeing fans or nominees. The coolest thing a fan has done was make all the t-shirts and bags for the awards. This was incredible to see. Mas Vegas volunteered all his time and money for this project.

What’s the craziest thing a hater has done or said?

We have seen it all. The craziest thing I’ve seen is companies try to bribe us to win awards. Our goal isn’t to receive money but to honor everyone that has made a difference in the cannabis community.

Any plans of taking this award show to other states?

Yes, currently we are in Las Vegas and just expanded to California. So stay tuned, your state may be next. There is great herb, music, and people all over!

When is the next award show?

Las Vegas Cannabis Awards 7-10-21. Catch you all there.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s great to see how much the cannabis industry has grown in the last few years, especially after this last election. It’s not just about winning or getting a trophy, it’s about unity, health, and peace. It’s truly amazing seeing the cannabis community get together!

So, you plan on catching the Omar’s, The Emma’s, and The Grandy’s? Wait, that’s not what they’re called or is it? I don’t know and don’t care. LOL. Sorry all I’m thinking about is the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards.  Aren’t you? It is finally nice to have something that is for us, fair, and over all so much fun! You know this is so us. So much that Cannabis Cactus won 2020 Publication of the Year. So make sure you stay tuned to The Las Vegas Cannabis Awards page, The Cannabis Cactus page, and my page. You never know maybe you could be at the next award event.

The Cannabis Cactus Magazine has more great interviews.

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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