Issues with Cannabis Legalization

In the summer of 2013, I packed up everything I owned and headed west from New York City. I was Colorado cannabis bound and I needed to be there. The state was all over the news tracking to be the first to legalize the plant at the state level. Would this actually happen? I had to be there for myself to watch and participate as it all unfolded. The thrill of legalization would move me to California in 2016 where I was able to vote yes to proposition 64 legalizing cannabis in California. Come 2022 I am currently living in New Jersey which made our first Adult Use sale on April 21, 2022. Over the past 9 years several overlapping issues stand out in the 3 states I have witnessed go legal. Are these issues in fact opportunities for improvement? Let’s observe some of these overlaps and opportunities briefly below.

Access Overlaps:

Colorado 2014California 2018New Jersey 2022AccessHigh cost for product initially, Difficult to find good quality consistently, No DeliveryEasy to find good quality, Price was extremely high compared to medical, Delivery Services Only a few locations for the entire state, Difficult to get to, Extremely expensive for low quality product, No Delivery