Infused Vichy Water | Cannabis Cocktail

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During the summer and early fall months, I find myself pouring vast bottles of iced sparkling water down my gullet. One of the beverages which has gotten much attention in the cannabis world is tincture infused seltzer. I find them pretty boring, and I won’t be covering them here.

This recipe is not like those other brands of marketing, parading as their gift to liquid libations. I’m finding them pretty to look at, but that’s about it. They are trendy. Period.

What I was influenced by is just not available here in the United States. This product is known as Vichy Water. I’m sure with the internet at your disposal, you could order a couple cases of real Vichy water and have it sent to you. The shipping would probably cost more than double what the water would cost, but no matter, you have to have the real thing, right?