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Infused Alfajores | Cannabis Recipe

Hi Friends! It’s August, we deserve a recipe that is easy and fun to do with your friends, plus let’s ditch the oven! This one is super duper easy; I used to make this with my mom and grandma when I was a kid. Alfajores are an Argentinian cookie made with dulce de leche sandwiched between Nilla Wafers and rolled in coconut. These little tasty treats are perfect for any occasion, and they taste even better the longer that they sit. I don’t think anybody would be frustrated over that other than the fact that they might all be gone! I made this recipe simply by mixing together pre-made dulce de leche with Halo Infusions Chronic Health tincture. For this recipe I used the Chronic Health 400mg tincture bottle. I used the whole bottle, which makes 66 – 6mg cookies. Before you’re ready to make these, be sure to drop by your favorite dispensary for a bottle or 2! For the dulce de leche you can certainly go the old fashioned route and make it yourself, but who wants to do that in this weather?! Plus you never know if you’re going to have a crazy day, forget about the cans, and all that dulce de leche ends up on your ceiling. There’s a family story that goes like that! It’s exactly like it sounds! Yikes!

P.S. You can find dulce de leche at Target!

Recipe: Infused Alfajores

Yield: 66 – 6mg cookies Prep Time: 30 Minutes

Tools to make this recipe: can opener, small spatula/butter knife/pastry bag, hand mixer


  1. 1 can dulce de leche, La Lechera, 13oz

  2. 1 oz Chronic Health THC Glycerine Tincture (400mg) Sativa or Indica

  3. 2 boxes Nilla Wafer cookies

  4. 1 bag shredded sweetened coconut

  5. 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

  6. 1 tablespoon oil


  1. Let’s think about the medication. This recipe makes 66 cookie sandwiches after you take into account the broken cookies/crumbs. (Save those crumbs for a no-bake cheesecake crust, recipe Feb 2022). We’re using a 400mg bottle of Chronic Health tincture and dividing that over 66 cookies, making each cookie 6mg. If you have slightly more cookies, your mg per cookie will go down, and if you have fewer cookies, but use the same amount of filling, the mg per cookie will go up. Though the variance is not much at all because there are so many cookies, about +/- 1 mg. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t recommend increasing the amount of tincture to increase dosage; it might get too runny. You may use less to reduce the dosage per cookie.

  2. Mix your dulce de leche and tincture together in a bowl until it is light and creamy. Mix for 5 – 10 minutes, so that the tincture is uniformly mixed in. At this point, the dulce de leche mixture will be easily spreadable with a butter knife or easy to pipe with a piping bag. 

  3. Grab a sheet tray and pair up all your cookies. They’re varying sizes, I like to match them, so that there isn’t too much excess dulce de leche on the outside. Spread or pipe a teaspoon of dulce de leche onto the Nilla Wafer. Remember to be as consistent as possible, that’s your dosing! Top that with another Nilla Wafer, squeeze together until a bit of the filling comes out, then roll in shredded coconut. Remember to save some to dip in the chocolate! It’s easy to get carried away. 

  4. Melt chocolate in the microwave, in 30 second intervals till melted. Mix in the oil for that added shine and fluidity. Dip as many of your cookies in the chocolate as you want! Maybe top them with coconut. Remember to place them on parchment for easy removal. Enjoy!

Did you make these dulce de leche cookies?  Post a photo with #CannabisCactusRecipes.  We love to see your work!

If you have any questions, send me an email at or Instagram or FB @RubyRedConfections



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