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Ice Cream Cake by Phoenix Cannabis Co.

Ice Cream Cake | $12/g MSRP Phoenix Cannabis Co. | Nature’s Medicines

This producer stands for class and quality all the way. Ice Cream Cake is an indica leaning strain made from Wedding Cake crossed with Gelato 33. The designer strain is popular in North America as one of the most potent and well rounded highs available. It smells just like walking through the entrance of a Dairy Queen after wandering a pine forest. The aroma changes from earthy to creamy and back again. This strain will not make you sleepy and it’s great for daytime use to combat minor aches and pains. You will notice a balance between the mind and body effects. The flowers are grown onsite for all Nature’s Medicine locations and are some of the most fairly priced flowers on the market anywhere. Good job Phoenix Cannabis Co. for taking care of patients with rigorous standards. Reviewed by Michael Cassini.

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