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High Time in the Desert

High Time in the Desert

Unique Scottsdale Event Blends Fine Dining With Gourmet Infused Food and High Comedy

Making a splash in the arid Arizona heat is High Time in the Desert, a unique event from Antidote Productions that expands upon your standard fine dining experience with comedy from The Gateway Show, gourmet infused food, and a live performance from Emmy artist Draze. The event will host 300 guests at The Clayton House, just in time to end (or start) the week on a high note on Sunday, June 18.

Guests will be served eight courses of gourmet tapas (small savory dishes) that includes Tuna Tartare, Braised Beef Short Rib and Citrus and Herb Crusted Salmon. The main dishes will also be followed by a selection of desserts, and guests have the option to self-dose each course — or not — according to their own preference with cannabis tinctures provided at each table.

“That means you won’t smell a thing,” Antidote owner Michael Sallis said. “Most people are turned off by cannabis because of the smell. With tinctures, the taste of the food isn’t altered, either. It’s a classy way to experience cannabis in a fun, controlled environment.”

Through each course, the room will be rife with laughter from Billy Anderson’s Gateway Show, where the comedians perform their first set sober, then return to the stage high for their second set of jokes.

“In the second set at our last event, the comedians sometimes couldn’t remember what they were gonna say next,” Antidote co-owner Kimberly Pierson said. “They’d start a sentence and the audience would just start cracking up. It was hilarious because it was real. It was all in the moment.”

Emmy Award-winning hip-hop artist Draze, most known for his contemporary infusion with the mbira and marimba of Zimbabwe, will also be performing live. Draze will be accompanied with beats from DJ L Rock The Party, who will keep the vibe going throughout the night.

“Draze’s music is one of a kind,” Sallis said. “It’s not your everyday hip-hop. It’s light. It’s airy. It’s a get off your seat and dance sort of feel.”

The event will start with a pre-party at 6pm for Platinum ticket holders, who will have access to the outdoor lounge, early samples from The Dab Slab™ and extra gifts from the event’s sponsors. Draze and Gateway Show comedians Billy Anderson, Mike Glazer, and Carmen Morales will also be in attendance at the pre-party for an exclusive meet and greet with photo ops. By the event’s official start at 6:30pm, the patio dab bar will be open to all guests and serve a variety of infused beverages from HighBridge Premium. You can also expect traditional and faux drinks.

Antidote Productions was started by Sallis and Pierson during the COVID-19 pandemic, when feelings of isolation were at their peak. Sallis, a self-taught chef, organized gatherings with family and friends to share infused meals that eventually led to a successful event held in Castle Rock, WA in 2022. High Time in the Desert is Antidote’s second event, and one of many that are soon to come to other legalized states.

“One of our biggest reasons for founding Antidote was to create something you don’t normally see. It’s not just dinner and a show,” Pierson said. “Our events are a unique way to enjoy your food and your entertainment in a new class of recreation. We want everyone to have that experience. That’s what we’re about: creating infused memories that last a lifetime.”

If you’re looking for an elevated evening of comedy, food, and live entertainment, look no further than High Time in the Desert! At $25 off until June 18, now is the best time to purchase tickets! Just use code "JUNE18" on the checkout page here:

The Venue - The Clayton House

Previously an abandoned postal storage warehouse, this family-owned venue was renovated to become a one-of-a-kind wedding and event space merging past with present, making this an unparalleled backdrop for your event.

Keeping the original frame and character throughout, the space has been renovated into a wedding and event space capable of hosting corporate gatherings, weddings and celebratory social soirées.

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