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HicDogg | Interview

HicDogg on his first time seeing glassblowing: “I started having ideas right away like, ‘Oh if I did this. If I did that.’ You know? Creatively it just sparked me.”

Who is HicDogg?

About 21 years ago, a young teenager nicknamed HicDogg was watching a man make fumed glass pipes when he realized he had found something that would change his life. As soon as he had a chance, the high school student asked the flame worker if he was able to make a living blowing glass pipes. The older individual responded by shutting off his torch and telling HicDogg that if he wanted to learn more about how to make glass art he would have to come back with $500 dollars and receive some training. For the following two weeks the young man was dropped off by his father at the glass shop where he would begin learning how to blow glass. After several years of working on his own HicDogg found out about a production glassblowing studio out of Boulder, Colorado. So, in the late ‘90s HicDogg began what would become a decade of production style work. Flash forward to now and HicDogg has made a name for himself as a premiere glassblower.

Glass by Hicdogg

A Champ at Champ’s

HicDogg recently had a chance to take part in the Champs Glass Games Masters Finals competition where he was happy to push the limits of his creativity and expertise. This would be his 3rd appearance at the Champs Masters Finals and he was determined to really impress this time. The competing artists were allowed to bring in a box of prepared parts which were to be finished and assembled in a certain amount of time. They also had to make a display for the final piece to be viewed in. This year’s competition theme was “Make a Statement” which was a great setting for some incredible entries. HicDogg’s submission was the latest addition to his Dragon Slayer series which he finished with only 20 minutes left to work. The hectic assembly of the piece was just one of the many stressful parts of the competition that kept HicDogg constantly on his toes. During the voting period of the competition good signs were coming from all directions as numerous people shared their support for the piece with compliments and attentive eyes. HicDogg was ecstatic when he found out he placed 3rd overall and also won the Artists Choice Award.

About His Work

HicDogg Hendy Collab

Artwork by HicDogg is available at headshops all around the country and his style has developed a very loyal following. He has a few different series of works including his Cannabulls, Buddha Bots, and now the Dragon Slayers. He is skilled at making functional works along with pendants, goblets, and other forms of borosilicate art. HicDogg is a very active member of the local community and has glass all over the valley including several collab works with artists like Hendy and Steve H. He has done 3 competitions including Champs over the past few months as well as attending three major glass trade shows. Now HicDogg is back at work continuing to grow his reach and his abilities as an artist. Some of his favorite borosilicate artists are from the highest level of glass including Banjo, Ghost, and Joe P.

What’s Next?

Glass by Hicdogg

HicDogg has come a long way since he was 17 years old with a brand new torch in his father’s garage. Over the next few months HicDogg will be cranking out artwork and possibly attending a few glass events across the nation. After winning 3rd place at the Glass Games HicDogg was asked to judge another Champ’s competition on the east coast this summer. HicDogg and his good friend Steve H may also be making a few stops in California and Colorado to put on demos at various headshops. His work is available in Phoenix as well.  Local shops like Paraphernalia Boutique, It’s All Goodz, Herb N’ Legend and Just Blaze carry a lot of his work and can also educate you about what goes into the heady pieces they have available. As HicDogg continues to share his work with people he hopes to inspire others the way he has been moved by the work of his peers. Make sure you follow HicDogg on Instagram at @hicdogg to keep up with his next moves.

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