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Grow Up: Cultivating Silence

I think we have forgotten the sound of the early morning. I imagine in the old days how we used to get up at sunrise in order to prepare our day. I imagine how work was done with few words, working with persistence and attention to the task. I imagine the silence of these moments as an opportunity to reflect. For me, this is a vision of peace and absolute stillness. The human capacity of reflection is what gives identity. It is essential in order to survive in any kind of environment. Through reflection, we digest and soften the hits of life. We filter the information that we acquire and the experiences we live. Go find a corner where you are in silence for 10 minutes and listen to the sound of your breath. Reflect on the sounds that your body emits, or the wind as it passes through a window on a summer night. The silence brings balance to our mind, allowing us to be the best we can be. Cultivate silence. Listen to what the World is saying. Grow up

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