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Greenish Cocktail Cherries | Cannabis Cocktail

I’m a bit of an evangelist when it comes to homemade cocktail cherries. They’re far, far superior to those red things that come in jars.


  1. 1 Bottle (750ml) of Infused Bourbon Whiskey (See Recipe)

  2. 2 Pounds (910g) Pitted Fresh Cherries


  1. Place the pitted cherries in a large mason jar.

  2. Cover with the infused whiskey.

  3. Store the jar in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or refrigerator, for 1 month, shaking the jar daily. Don’t be afraid to store these outside the fridge at cellar temperature: nothing bad will happen if you do.

  4. Use as called for in cocktails and mocktails.


See more infused recipes here.


Warren Bobrow is the CEO of Klaus Apothicaire, a 6x Author, Chef, Barman, Cannabis Alchemist, Master Mixologist. Some of his cannabis awards include: SXSW Cannabis Disruptor 2018, Berlin Bar Convent-Cannabis, and Moscow Bar Show-Master Class-Rum. He is the author of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics, Available in Indie Bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Books. See his cannabis creations on instagram.

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