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Grease Monkey Solventless THCA Diamond & Sauce by Superior Extracts

Grease Monkey | Solventless THCA Diamond & Sauce Superior Extracts | Where: The Superior Dispensary

Well the presentation on this one is neat and it’s cool to see them playing around with their Sauce a bit. This particular sample is solventless THCA molded into a Diamond shape with Grease Monkey High Terpene Extract Sauce poured over it creating a potent yet flavorful experience to please both the mind and palate. The Grease Monkey reeked of gas with a hint of earth and was a perfect match flavorwise with a bit more earth on the exhale. Definitely suggest you go pick one of these pretty diamonds up over at The Superior Dispensary Home Of The Solventless. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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