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Gorilla Glue #4 by OG Zonka

An elongated bud that is dense with both tri-chromes and natural resins. OG Zonka gives us an old school sticky strain that erupts with the scent of coffee, hops, and lemon. Upon smoking some, I am left with a strong buzz that keeps me glued until I feel ready to begin a task. I then find myself completing that task along with several others on my list. I noticed a high amount Humulene, a terpene that occurs naturally in the cousin of cannabis, hops! The benefits of this terpene are also common in ginseng, as an anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic. The seasons change from hot summer to dreary fall weather will require some planning to stay healthy. A solid hybrid, I catch the relaxing indica elements, but when focused I can find myself lost in a project or music. All while also receiving the focused healing and immunity booster found in naturally occurring terpenes.

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