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Gobstopper Kush Shatter by Aeriz

Gobstopper Kush | Shatter Aeriz | Oasis Dispensary

A smooth hit of shatter with the right amount of pull and a snap, I can have a size appropriate dab. It is terpy, with flavors of berries and old socks. I am woken up with energy to take on tasks or cross-country travel. Aeriz always has what it takes to get me in the right mindset for whatever I might face. A huge thank you to their team during the holidays, you’re all very appreciated. By Adrian Ryan@drogado_del_gato.

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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.


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