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Gelato THC-O Syrup by Slactavis

Gelato | THC-O Syrup Slactavis | Southern California

THC-O is a new cannabinoid derived from hemp which carries psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with the typical properties associated with cannabis use. THC-O has gained popularity among Americans who don’t have access to legal cannabis.It is rumored that THC-O is 3 times more potent than regular THC. This strain-specific syrup was extremely potent at 1500 mg in just a 4oz bottle. I don’t know about you but that’s my kind of dose. This also makes for a bit of a strong taste so like most syrups this is better enjoyed mixing with a drink or snack of the sweeter variety. Although I only took a small dose the effects were noticeable and seemed to be just about the same as a normal edible. Maybe I’ll try the whole bottle next time to see what happens. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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