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FOHSE continues to dominate as they release their new LED fixture for home growers, The Pisces 7 & 9

Pisces - Home Grow LED

Founded in 2015, FOHSE has delivered a promise to its customers that it will provide a full refund if, by using Fohse light products, their yields do not increase. FOHSE has never had a single customer take the company up on this guarantee. In fact, most have seen yields increase from 25% – 60%.

Being the first of its kind, The Pisces is the first light designed by FOHSE which can be utilized for growing any plants. Its innovative design is perfect for hobbyists, and horticultural homebodies alike, featuring points of articulation that allow a seamless user experience.

Brett Stevens, CEO of FOHSE, says: “The team at FOHSE is excited to deliver a new, innovative product for home growers, our new Pisces LED light, that provides several benefits from energy efficiency to increase yields. Since day one, FOHSE has been dedicated to constant research and development, delivering the highest quality best products to market. Our consumer product Pisces is a huge milestone for FOHSE in designing and producing a product for consumers that has the power usually only seen in professional cannabis grow operations.”

This fixture brings our commercial options’ power, efficiency, and durability into your home grow. Let’s unfold some of the features of the latest FOHSE fixture series.

Application and Size

Many grow lights can’t get close to the canopy without causing detrimental effects on the plants. When we designed the Pisces, we wanted growers to have the ability to operate the fixture close to the canopy without causing issues. We created the Pisces to operate within two feet of your plant canopy, only achieving maximum operating temperatures of 104̊F.

The Pisces fixtures are 42” x 43.5” x 2”, making them ideal for 5 x 5 tents and low-bay growing environments. They also fold in half, allowing for easy transportation when moving your grow or temporarily storing.

Lifetime & IP Rating

The Pisces fixtures are IP 65 certified, verifying that it’s safe to use in wet or humid environments.

The lifetime of each grow light is one of the most important factors when determining the right light to buy. Under HID systems, bulbs must be regularly changed. Lesser-quality LEDs also demand regular replacements as diodes die out. The Pisces is L90 certified at 40,000 hours or 4.6 years. This means your Pisces will retain 90% of the original luminous flux by this time!

Grow tents can be in hot and humid environments at varying times of the life cycle. When you purchase a light fixture, you want to ensure it’s protected from the elements. The Pisces fixtures are IP 65 certified, verifying that it’s safe to use in wet or humid environments. This rating ensures complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive materials. It also ensures protection from water projected by a nozzle against the fixture.

Efficiency and Power

At FOHSE, efficiency is central to our mission, and the Pisces is no different. This fixture series offers options up to 2.72 PPE or photosynthetic photon efficacy or PPE. These systems are guaranteed to run on less energy and for a longer time.

The Pisces line is low-voltage, operating on 120-277V. They come in 700W and 900W options offering potential photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) values of 2494 umol. At these light intensities, the Pisces provides the power needed to push any cannabis cultivar to its potential for yield and quality. It also serves other light-demanding crops such as peppers and tomatoes well.


Another aspect of FOHSE fixtures is our polycarbonate lensing technology that directs photons deeper into the canopy. These lenses distribute the color and intensity of the light evenly. The Pisces f comes standard with our polycarbonate lensing technology, providing higher intensities to lower flower sites. This typically results in an increased potential for yield and quality throughout the plant canopy.


Light spectrum is an extremely important aspect of growing cannabis, as varying studies have shown that different parts of the light spectrum will affect plant morphology, yield, and potency differently. However, many fixed-spectrum lighting options aren’t ideal for growing cannabis from start to finish. When we designed the Pisces, we wanted growers to have a turnkey spectral setting to ensure success. We designed a balanced spectrum, ideal for growing cannabis and other crops.

Get yours now!

When it comes to lights for growing at home, the Pisces stands tall against the competition. The Pisces 7 & 9 is available exclusively through authorized retailers at a price (inclusive of shipping) of $899.99 for the 700W, and $1149.99 for the 900W. To find a Pisces near you, visit To become an authorized retailer, visit

About FOHSE:

FOHSE, the Future of Horticultural Science & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights, creates lighting fixtures that enable previously unobtainable and unthinkable results. Fohse’s sustainable and innovative first-of-their-kind products create a loyal customer base around the world. Fohse was founded in 2015 and has sold multiple tens of thousands of lights to growers and cannabis brands around the world—without a single customer taking the company up on its promise of a refund if their yields did not increase. FOHSE was recently named by Inc Magazine as the #19 fastest-growing privately held company in America.


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