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Flower Mill Toothless Grinder

Flower Mill Grinder | Toothless Grinder Flower Mill | Where:

Stop shredding and cutting your herb! This grinder is a gentler way to effectively break apart cannabis flowers. The Flower Mill has a toothless metal blade that gently crumbles the flowers rather than grinding them into submission. The flowers can break apart where they want without destroying the trichomes. The result is fluffy herb with all the terpy goodness still intact. I was introduced to Flower Mill grinders, based locally in Phoenix, AZ, about six months ago. I’m happy with the purchase, the Flower Mill functions like a dream. By Michael Cassini@EditorInCheef.


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Michael Cassini

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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