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Flavored Blunts: A Thing of the Past

Cigars and marijuana have shared a special bond in recent decades. While I was growing up in the nineties and becoming more engrossed with the culture, as a teenager, smoking a blunt took on some real meaning. After all, who wasn’t familiar with the classic hip-hop weed songs around the turn of the century; Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Redman, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. But as I was going through my mental rolodex of songs talking about blunts, I realized there was no way I could come up with a complete list, there are just too many good ones to name! However, I knew that 2Pac had to be mentioned, a true connoisseur of blunts, and in one of his songs the line, “smoking blunt after blunt and steady drinking, hung around so much you knew what I was thinking,” always stuck out to me. As a kid, the freedom and excitement of getting away smoking a blunt with your friends meant everything.

The term blunt also holds a special place for me dating back to high school. This was about twenty years ago now so as the internet was just taking shape, a new and exciting way to share information was through forums/message boards. Early on, I discovered a site called “” and to be connected with marijuana heads from around the world, it really felt like I was on to something. I was actually so active in sharing stories that I ended up with the nickname “consistently burning.” And for a 15 year old to be bestowed that kind of title from older, more experienced people living in New Zealand, Amsterdam, New York, etc. marijuana meccas one could only dream of growing up, it made a lifetime impression.

There is also something ritualistic to smoking a blunt; the time it takes breaking down the cigar and flower, the camaraderie of being a part of the smoking circle. Or if it’s just you and your friend or partner, that time together can be special. Also, going back to the person who first introduced you to blunts or when you are passed your first blunt, these are moments in time for every smoker. I think everyone can remember back to that one friend who seemingly could roll a perfect blunt one handed with a blind fold on… shout out my buddy, Pun, growing up who was the designated roller in my circle. It can take time rolling a blunt; it is a process as covered in earlier Cannabis Cactus issues. But when you have the time, like when you are with your friends in between class/work, listening to music in someone’s garage or basement, or going for a hike exploring nature, there is nothing like having a blunt to smoke.

Smoking marijuana is a journey in itself and a blunt is like the perfect transportation device to get you there. While at heart I am actually a joint guy, cigars are just more durable. Not only that, but they are easy to put out and save the other half or roach for later. Some of my best smoking memories are with my cousin and friends firing up a blunt in a sea of people at a concert. Or if you’re traveling to a state park for example, and swimming, fishing, picnicking, whatever activity you’re into, you just have to bring your blunts along. But the real reason I was inspired to write about this subject was because the Food and Drug Administration announced recently that they will be going forward with banning flavored cigars. Not to say there won’t be plenty of options for blunts out there, it just brought me back to the genesis of my smoking days and, without getting into the motive behind the ban, I was admittedly saddened to hear certain blunts go. So get them while you can, support your local corner store or smoke shop and try something new. As long as I still have my swisher sweet classics I’m cool, but to no longer be able to taste a peach white owl… it’s just another reminder to enjoy the time that we do have.

Ryan Fitzgerald, originally from Milwaukee, WI, is a student of history, a lover of music, competitive games, and a cannabis enthusiast. He writes about cannabis history, culture and current events.



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