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Exploring Arizona's Finest: Pre-Rolls Worth Trying

Arizona Pre-rolls Worth Trying

Arizona's cannabis scene is flourishing, with a myriad of pre-rolls to choose from. After extensive exploration, we've curated a list of the top five pre-rolls that stood out across the Valley. These are products whose quality stands out consistently and are widely available.

Arizona Pre-rolls - 22RED

1. 22 Red Ice Water Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls

Legacy Quality and Power-Packed Punch

Topping our list is the 22 Red Ice Water Hash and Infused 5g Pre-Roll Five Pack. This 50/50 hybrid boasts a potent punch, reminiscent of a Dog Walker-sized joint. Immaculately rolled, perfectly burned, and with a flawless tip, it's a curated experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Arizona Pre-rolls - Shango

2. Shango Hash-Infused and Premium Flower Pre-Rolls

Sevenfold Pleasure in Every Jar

Coming in second, Shango Cannabis offers a pack of 7 x .6g joints, totaling 4.20g in each jar. These premium flower pre-rolls are a delightful experience, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship that Shango is renowned for. While the hash-infused gold pack is perfect for party time, I prefer the Silver Sevens premium flower option during the day.

Arizona Pre-rolls - Presidential

3. Presidential Cannabis MoonRock Blunts

Luxury, Strength, and Unmatched Quality

Taking the third spot is the Presidential Cannabis MoonRock Blunts. Infused with keef, distillate, and premium flower, these blunts burn slowly and deliver an ultra-strong, premium experience. A luxury brand from California that spares no corners, especially when collaborating with local favorites.

Arizona Pre-rolls - Blazy Susan

4. Blazy Susan's Charity Pre-Roll-Run Joints

Cannabis for a Cause

In fourth place, the newcomer Blazy Susan introduces pre-roll-run joints with a unique twist—partnership with local charity. The hybrid Apple Tart, mixed with live resin diamonds, offers a slow and enjoyable burn. A heartwarming option for those who want to contribute to charity while enjoying quality cannabis.

Arizona Pre-rolls - Leafers

5. Leafers Pre-Rolls with Exotic Blends

Sourcing the Best Flower for Exquisite Blends

Rounding up our top five is Leafers Pre-Rolls, presenting exotic blends in OG, fruit, and more. The fruit blend, in particular, impressed with its high-quality flower. Leafers seems dedicated to sourcing the best materials, promising a delightful and satisfying experience.

These pre-rolls stand out for their unique qualities, ensuring an elevated and enjoyable journey. These products will make you feel great and you can feel great about smoking them too. Thank you to these producers for expanding retail access to exciting quality products.

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