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Elizabeth Valentine of Green Star Doctors, getting AZ patients legal since 2011 | Interview

I’m always on the lookout for amazing women to interview in the cannabis industry, whether I already know them or not, because there are so many incredible females doing incredible weed-related things. A name I’ve continued to hear in the cannabis industry is Liz Valentine of Green Star Doctors, a medical marijuana certification center based in Scottsdale, AZ, which is not only renowned for its streamlined and professional service, but the love that Liz and her employees exude in this female owned and operated business. Even though they are incredibly busy, I was able to chat with Liz a bit about how she got started in the industry, and what makes her and Green Star Doctors thrive.

Green Star Doctors

pic by Angelica Rodriguez

Liz, what is your full name and what is your title at Green Star Doctors?

Elizabeth Valentine, owner and founder.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started in the industry, and how your practice developed from there?

I started in Denver in 2009 as Regional Manager of three dispensaries that I helped build from the ground up. I was the sole buyer for seven dispensaries under our belt for two years. I decided to open up the certification clinic in Arizona, and opened within the first week of applications beginning in April 2011. I also helped patients get legal in Denver as a notary public, and gained my experience there.

What is the mission of your company?

Our sole mission is to give patients a safe and professional place to spend actual quality time with a Doctor and file their applications. I want them to be able to ask questions, to be heard, to be seen, and to meet each other… our lobby has served as a meeting ground for people to find like-minded new friends.

Green Star Doctors

Art by Mackenzie Beck

I truly believe that women in this industry need to stick together… even though there are many successful women in cannabis, it’s still notoriously masculine and male-driven. I’m interviewing you because someone recommended you as a badass woman in the cannabis industry doing amazing things! Who are some other women working in weed who you personally know, that are making waves in the cannabis community around the world?

I have many friends that are in many stations within the industry, and I encourage everyone to get to another place within the journey of cannabis. I love my ladies and encouraging everyone to make a brand of their own, to name a few: Katie Rosso from Khaos; Michelle Mango from iLava; Tonya Bailey from Axi; Sonia Martinez, who is a cannabis lawyer; Brandy Page from Uncle Herbs; Alison Miller from Dutchie; Rebecca Weirman; Angelica Rodriguez from Sol & Ideation; Christina Lopez From Green Star; Jessica Russell from Green Star; and Dr. Oceana Rames from Green Star Doctors (9yrs).

What is your favorite way to consume?

I love puffing flower… mostly OG and some sours, or cookies. I love some gorilla and cakes too!!

Any thoughts on Prop 207 for recreational legalization on the upcoming November ballot?

I am all for federally lifting it (cannabis prohibition) completely, as I am also a consumer… but I found out that many people are scared of coming forward with needing it, and allowing themselves to not judge themselves to give it a last effort chance. Seeing a doctor validates their medicinal needs.

I pray people give medical the same respect, because the patients that are not part of any culture need meds to withstand their life altering and challenging diagnoses.

Green Star Doctors

Art by Mackenzie Beck


Heidi Keyes

Heidi Keyes is the Founder of Puff, Pass & Paint, and Co-Founder & President of Cannabis Tours. Heidi writes about her experiences, sharing her advice, travel tips, and wisdom in Puff, Pass Ponder.



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