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Elite Tour Golf | Corry Webster | Interview

On Saturday March 9, the Legacy Golf Resort in South Phoenix, Arizona was the place to be for The 2019 Cannabis Cactus Open – the first cannabis funded golf tournament… in the world! The weather was perfect and after lunch when the awards were given and pictures taken, I had the opportunity to sit down with Corry Webster, a Canadian from Alberta and Founder of the Elite Tour and ask him about his experience with cannabis.

Why did you start the Elite Golf Tour?

I wanted to give professional golfers the opportunity to participate in a professional golf tour without having to travel and leave their families behind. Elite Tour Golf is the first professional golf tour to offer a full professional tour local to Arizona, as well as the first golf tour to welcome cannabis advertising and use among the golfers. I am a pro golfer and I wanted cannabis to be looked at as a legitimate thing.

What’s your experience with cannabis?

The last time I had used cannabis was in 2009. Then, in the Spring of 2017, I was working 100 hours per week, expecting our second child and I was stressed. I was drinking Coca-Cola, taking caffeine pills, drinking coffee and I was “running thin.” I couldn’t maintain. So, I went to my wife and told her that I need to try cannabis again. So, I did.

How did that work out for you?

My wife was not really a supporter of cannabis but I started using it in place of the caffeine and Coca-Cola. It reminded me of why I had used cannabis before. I was not using it to party. I was using it to deal with trauma in life. I was maxed out on stress. Knowing that I had it at the end of the day made the day better.

How does your wife feel about it now?

She is supportive and accepting of it. She understands that it is not a party thing.

How do you feel about cannabis now?

I was reaching out for something to make me feel better from a medical perspective. Now that Canada is legalized for recreational use, the stigma associated with it is less. It is more socially accepted. With the caffeine that I was using, I would not be able to get out of bed from having a caffeine headache in the morning. Cannabis “evens me out.” I am more stable.

Do you have any injuries associated with golf?

Yes. My right shoulder and low back give me pain.

What do you use to help with that?

Vape or flower

Have you used any cannabis topicals for your pain?

No. Only flower is available in Canada dispensaries. No edibles or topicals are sold either.

I was surprised to know that dispensaries in Canada do not offer any form of cannabis other than flower. On the contrary, Arizona dispensaries offer a wide variety of products and forms of cannabis to MMJ patients. A cannabis topical rub or patch may help Corry’s sore shoulder and back pain, but he should also try a specific CBD rub and see if that helps. Many people use cannabis to help with the pain of the body as well as the mental and emotional pain of stress and trauma. The majority of athletes are not aware of the benefits of using cannabis as part of their training. Informing athletes is important and, as in the case of Corry, a supportive family is invaluable. Corry went through a reset in his life with his re-use of Cannabis in 2017 and having the support of his wife was crucial to his whole process.



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