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DIP | Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer

DIP | Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer

Just a little bigger than a disposable vape pen, the Little Dipper is a ceramic-tip dab straw that can be used with all kinds of concentrates. There is one button to turn on and off as well as to select between 3 temperature ranges. Holding down the button, the tip heats up in about 5 seconds. Lightly dip the tip into your concentrate and inhale to produce a smooth, flavorful vapor. It’s also easy to clean, just remove the tip and soak in alcohol. It took me about half a gram of failed hits to figure out how to properly use the vaporizer, but once I did, I’m happy with the performance. A slow but steady draw brings in enough smoke to enjoy the hit without cooling the tip too much. Inhale too strongly and the hit is wasted. Compared to a full quartz dab rig, this is clearly an inferior way to smoke, but when portability is desired, this thing can definitely do the job. For such a low price at $29.99, it's worth picking one up, especially if you wanna dab on the go. Take advantage of their 2 or 3-pack deal and give them to your friends for 710.

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