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Collie Walker by The Superior

Collie Walker | Freeze Dried Flower | Superior | The Superior Dispensary

This flower being freeze dried and cured was the reason for the scoop. The team over at Superior has always done a great job so I had to see what this new method had in store. Initially I was thrown off by how full the bag appeared. The 8th came in a mylar that was so fluffy it looked like a quarter. Opening the seal, I was immediately smacked in the face with strong tones of gas with hints of garlic. Reaching for a fluffy nug, the texture caught me off guard, so light and airy and soft like a pillow. Minimal effort for the break down, the bud almost crumbled but not to dust and didn’t feel dry and burned very well and even through a joint, blunt and bong. The high was definitely more relaxing and sedative, a perfect strain for a night cap. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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