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Clementine x GSC Pressed Hash by The Superior

Clementine x GSC | Pressed hash The Superior | The Superior Dispensary

Good old school hashish is made by sifting then hand pressing the collected material into what you see here. Hash is similar to kief except more refined, instead of passing through one screen then being collected and ready to smoke, the kief passes through more screens that get smaller and smaller to help sift out unwanted plant material to turn this kief into hash. This sample from Superior was a cross of two strains but all I could smell and taste was the Clementine. Sweet and citrusy like an orange, I find the effects on this hash to be uplifting and euphoric. Perfect for that sativa boost just top any flower you’re already smoking whether Indica or not this hash will definitely alter the effects and hit hard. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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