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Citrus Melon Fruit Chews by Superior Infusions

Citrus Melon Fruit Chews | Rosin | 10mg THC Superior Infusions | Where: The Superior Dispensary

A little different from your traditional candy option, these fruit chews are made with pectin, real fruit and are all natural and vegan friendly. Did I mention they are dosed with Rosin? These solventless edibles are definitely tasty and the rosin is much more enjoyable than your traditional distillate. I don’t say this because of the flavor but the effects. There is a noticable difference between them. I feel a stronger high but more uplifting than sedative when I eat edibles made with hash or rosin. If you are looking for something all natural that hits hard, definitely keep an eye out for these dropping at The Superior Dispensary soon. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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