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Chicken Coop: HabitCraft AZ

I was wandering around the Private sector checking out all the booths. I got a couple dabs and grabbed a bag of candy when I stumbled onto HabitCraftAZ.  They were offering samples of their sparkling beverage. I’m not big on cannabis infused drinks, so I was very skeptical. I grabbed one of the strawberry samples and I sucked it down. After tasting a couple of flavors, I was hooked and got a bottle.  I enjoyed the drink so much, I ended up buying 5 and drinking them all that night.


I got to talking with Rob, who runs the AZ side of HabitCraft, and decided I needed to know more about the company and all the products they offer. Habit started out with just a syrup made in a garage by two guys with a dream.  Now, they have a full line of products from the sparkling Beverages to CBD isolate and more.

Their sparkler drinks are all natural with no high fructose corn syrup and sweetened with real fruit and natural cane sugars.  They are simply amazing! My favorite is raspberry, but I also like to mix the strawberry and kiwi together. The sparklers are so good I could drink them all the time, even if they were not medicated.  The sparklers have 100 mg of THC per bottle. For somebody like me with a really high tolerance, it would take 2 or 3 to really medicate. However, for a person with a low tolerance or a Micro-doser, these are the perfect drinks to medicate. They also have an Organic line of drinks, Lemongrass Lime and BlackBerry Rose. They claim that the natural organic extracts were chosen to enhance and amplify the effects of cannabis in the organic sparklers.

HabitCraft CBDs

HabitCraft has a full line of Cartridges for all of your needs as well. Habit offers 6 different flavors: Sour Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, JackHerer, Tangie, Holy Grail OG and Platinum Girl Scout. They require that all their partners follow organic sustainable farming practices.  The oils are extracted using the safest and most efficient methods to produce the most effective full spectrum cannabinoid profiles. Habit has partnered with SC Labs who is ISO certified to ensure all formulas are free of pesticides and contaminants.

One of my favorite products I discovered is their warming therapy lotion.  I broke my wrist in a logging accident years ago. When I use my hand to type or write it causes me a lot of pain. After taking a bunch of notes, my hand locked up.  They handed me some of their warming Therapy Lotion and had me rub some on my wrist. In no time flat, the pain was gone and I was able to continue without issue. If you have joint or muscle issues, I suggest trying their topical.


Recently, Habit partnered with Five Star Extracts to make a new line of syrups. These 400 mg syrups come in three flavors: Purple Grape, Caribbean Mango and Strawberry Lemonade.

If you are looking for a company that is not only making top shelf products but also cares about the people buying their products, look no further.  Not only are their products amazing, they are incredibly friendly and helpful. HabitCraft literally has something for everyone. Keep your eyes open for their products and let them know Stoney sent you.

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