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CBD Transdermal Patch 40 mg by MüV Products

CBD Transdermal Patch 40 mg | $15/each MSRP MüV Products | MüV Dispensary

Many patients have heard of CBD, but how many patients are aware of its benefits? MüV brings a quality CBD product to the floors with the transdermal patch. The great thing about transdermal patches is they work through the bloodstream of each patient, creating a beneficial and guaranteed effective delivery system. Great for either day time or the night. To help better understand CBD, ask your budtender about the benefits and positive effects of CBD transdermal patches. Reviewed by Dietrich Dash. echo adrotate_ad(7);

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Dietrich Dash is a local to Arizona, born in September of nineteen eighty-eight, in the town of Scottsdale. He enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. In his free time, you can see him at local bookstores, hiking or hanging out in public areas with his chihuahua mix and pugs. He also frequents dispensaries across the valley in search of what the valley has to offer medicinally.



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