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CannaFriends is a monthly social gathering of people from the Arizona cannabis industry, where we can discuss new products and learn about opportunities with careers in this field. They show huge support to our local community. While most of the events are held in Phoenix, they have recently started a chapter in Tucson to help expand their reach and the opportunity to bring more Arizonans into this wonderful cannabis community. 

Amethyst Kinney, owner of Blue Dream Entertainment, has recently become the director of both the Phoenix and Tucson CannaFriends events. Amethyst brings a wonderful energy to these meetings as well as a genuine love for our community. When I first met her, she was working with another local cannabis company, she came and spoke with such passion about her experience with the industry, about how she got to where she was, and to see her continue to make friends and rise in this industry really goes to show you how we can all make it in this industry with positivity and determination.

One of my favorite things about the CannaFriends meetings is the diversity and seeing how many businesses connect with cannabis that aren’t actually selling cannabis. I’ve heard great talks about sustainability with guests like Resinate there talking about the recycling issue and what you can do to help. Need nutrients, or interested in growing? Well TeaCo Biosupply is there to teach you about microbes and how to enrich your soil. Need an expungement or up to date info on marijuana laws? Not only is Arizona NORML there every meeting, but Amethyst is also a board member! Need a fresh look that says I F**king Love Cannabis? Well hot damn, there’s Mary Jane Smokewear and Nugjewelz! The absolute bees knees in clothing and jewelry!

And then it’s time to go get some dabs, or try out a new preroll and see what else is coming soon to your local dispensary! It’s not uncommon to see a brand new product launch at one of these meetings, which can always be great for recreational consumers and patients alike. Also you don’t want to miss the raffles at the end of the night! Every ticket comes with an entry for multiple drawings with gifts from every vendor!

Honestly these meetings get better every month, and I’m not just saying that because I have been a part of them, but I’ve made some great connections and even better friends through some of these meetings. You can also expect a relaxed atmosphere, with chill people. They have a great safe environment, which I’ve come to expect from our local cannabis events, and I’d like to thank you all for that! And I hope to see you all soon at a CannaFriends meeting!


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