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BVN - Balanced Veterans Network

Balanced Veterans Network

Balanced Veterans Network is a federally registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered and active in 16 states and growing. We serve United States veterans and their families worldwide through our secure online educational social network. Through our pillar initiatives, we seek to educate, empower, and equip veterans and their families to successfully and safely utilize alternative therapies to heal and live healthy and balanced lives. How are we different? - "Unconventional Healing for Conventional Forces" BVN stands for the 99.

BVN supports ALL who served, no matter their discharge status, combat experience, or special forces designation. While MANY veteran nonprofits and organizations prioritize special forces and combat veterans, BVN will ALWAYS be here for ALL.

Our Pillar Initiatives

Community - Balanced Veterans Network seeks to be a new type of peer support platform – away from the big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – that is policed by veterans themselves. BVN exists to provide a community environment that allows for peer-to-peer conversations just like we did when we served. Community discussions range from alternative healing to everyday struggles and include support for both veterans and their spouses/caregivers.

Movement - We are dedicated to providing wellness classes where members gain an introductory level of understanding and try a new practice you might enjoy, with an objective to make small changes in your life to incorporate more movement. We host classes with professionals in a variety of areas including yoga, fitness, financial wellness, nutrition, and others. These classes are always available for replay on our network among a plethora of other resources.

Mental Wellness - Prioritizing mental health is vital to living a balanced life and the pinnacle for BVN’s mission. We are here to break the stigma around mental health by educating and empowering veterans to try different modalities that challenge and strengthen the mind such as breath work, meditation, sound therapy, and plant therapy…but it doesn’t stop there. Resources and tools for better mental wellness is a broad spectrum and is all done in an effort to equip veterans with tools to start moving towards mental freedom. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder that you aren’t alone, you aren’t the only one, and somebody out there understands and doesn’t judge you. Our online community is full of like-minded veterans on their healing journey who are always ready to lend an ear and some support. You never have to fight alone; we are with you. Join a live wellness class, or browse our library of exclusive mental wellness courses to help you decide which tools work best. Have a question? GREAT! Because we have veteran members who are also mental health professionals ready and willing to offer guidance!

Join us in making a difference: support our mission today!

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Sponsorship opportunities available... help bring community events or our veterans wellness lounge to your city

Balanced Veterans Network

Operation 1620

By far our most robust and well-developed to date program, OP1620 aims to educate veterans on fostering a healthy relationship with cannabis to treat mental and physical ailments through the following programs:

1. Mentorship - Our team of volunteer growers spends hundreds of hours each month mentoring new growers in cultivating their medicine at home (where legal) to ensure success, cultivate community, and nurture new mentors for our growing community.

2. Education - Our simplified, curated, and extensive educational library offers veterans subject matter experts' insights, advice, guidance, and a judgment-free zone to learn more about the use of the cannabis plant.

3. Medical Marijuana Certification Program - Through our partnerships with MMJ certifying providers, we currently provide free to low-cost MMJ certifications to veterans and discounted certifications to veteran family members in 34 states.

4. Medical Marijuana Card Reimbursement Program - We reimburse ALL veterans up to $50 in MMJ card fees, one per year.

5. Equipment - Through various giveaways, community members can choose from a variety of safe consumption and cultivation tools.

Balanced Veterans Network

Project Triangle

BVN is a partnership org and ambassador for the Heroic Hearts Project. This partnership enables BVN members to access safe and supportive psychedelic medicine with an organization that generally prioritizes special operators and professional athletes. However, our team can work directly with HHP to provide care to those veterans who may not have served as special operators, but experienced trauma nonetheless. In addition to offering referral services for veterans seeking entheogenic medicine, we also offer educational resources, legislative updates, wellness and integrative toolkits, and community for veterans who are seeking both PRE and POST medicine support.


Balanced Veterans Network is a wellness-focused lifestyle brand, community, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to create safe spaces for the education, advocacy, and empowerment of all alternative therapies for veterans and their families. The network focuses on four main Initiatives-Mental Wellness, Movement, Operation 1620, and Project Triangle. Join our peer support community where you can plug into groups and find education around alternative therapies to support veterans post-service and help not just survive but live a thriving life. If you are a veteran, family member, or supporter, visit our website to join the community, learn more or support our life-saving mission.

Balanced Veterans Network


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