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Bask Triangle Farms | Ortzadar


Ortzadar is another amazing strain from the genetics team at Bask Triangle Farms, the same team that created Bazkittlez - one of my favorites in the last year. Though there is little info online about this strain, I believe it to be another Zkittlez variety; Bask Triangle Farms seems to have an affinity for Zkittlez strains. Ortzadar means ‘rainbow’ in the Basque language, an iberian language with unknown origins in the northern mountains of Spain. I imagine this is a reference to the ‘taste the rainbow’ Skittles marketing campaign we’ve all seen. Funny enough, most Spaniards have never heard of Skittles candy, but strains with Zkittlez in the name sure are popular. As with most of the cannabis in Spain, we have no idea who grew these buds, as they are technically black market, but they are very well cared for. Credit to Bask Triangle Farms, they are 2 for 2 on genetics for me so far.


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