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Arizona Super Show

The Arizona super show is the United State’s 3rd longest car show to date. From low lows, lowrider bikes, and tricked out trucks. There is anything and everything with wheels on display. But the Super Show is more than just some tricked out wheels, it’s a culture. A culture that brings all walks of life together. Young, old and everything in between. The Super Show has helped pave the way for a lot of local businesses. The Super Show also lets people and businesses from all over the state show off their way of life.

Home Grown has been lucky enough to have been officially part of the show for the last 3 years, but they aren’t the only ones. There are so many more, like Luciano Knows Best “Who hurt you”, DJ M. Rock dinero 100 k and artists like MC Magic. Thank you to all the DJs that were in the mix – M. Rocka, Funk Freaks, OG DannyBoy, Tyger, Nina, & Juma. In 2021, Big Chad from Big Horn Law was the Super Show title sponsor. The Super Show is always known to have the best food, Sabor A Mi, to name one. Next year 2022, 10 year The Super Show will be held at the Arizona Cardinals stadium. It is set to be the biggest one yet, so I promise, you don’t want to miss out. Special thank you to DJ Madd Rich.

Adam Maya aka “The HoMiE ToE” is one half of the Arizona music group “HoMe GrOwN”. Within the Arizona group, ToE is the manager, event planner, promoter, beat producer, etc. The co-host and co-founder of HoMe MaDe GeNiUs Podcast – a podcast that provides a networking platform for Arizona. He is a loving father and dedicates his life to his children. ToE also spends time volunteering at a youth sports organization called Rep it Sports, where he is a coach, event organizer, counselor, and mentor. ToE is cannabis friendly and believes in working hard, staying loyal and just loving living life. All smiles Arizona native.



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