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AMF OG Live Resin Diamond Sauce by High Grade

AMF OG | Live Resin Diamond Sauce High Grade | Valley Wide

This AMF OG was not what I was expecting but it was absolutely phenomenal! I personally am not usually a fan of OG strains because of the more gas and pine flavors that are usually associated with them. I personally like a sweeter citrus flavor and that’s what made me say that this was a phenomenal strain. The diamonds were nice and big with amazing clarity and, although they were not drowning in sauce, the terps were still strong. Sweet citrus scents creep up the nostrils and come through very well in the flavor department with a bit more citrus than sweet on the exhale with slight hints of pine. Although this indica dominant strain did have a nice relaxing feeling for the body, it was more uplifting for the mind. I was given this gram for competing and winning in the 2021 Errl Cup Errl wars Saturday competition but no worries, High Grade Diamond Sauce can be found in many dispensaries valley wide. By Arturo Delgado@tookkie_terpenestein.

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