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Abstrakt x Queen Creek Olive Mill | Infused Olive Oil

Infused Olive Oil

Abstrakt x Queen Creek Olive Mill | Infused Olive Oil

Abstrakt's THC-infused Olive Oil is a culinary masterpiece, bringing a delightful twist to the world of infused products. The Friday pack, featuring garlic, bacon, and dark chocolate flavors, adds a creative touch to your kitchen. With 30mg of THC in a 2 oz bottle, it's a versatile addition for both novice chefs and seasoned foodies. What makes this product truly exceptional is Abstrakt's collaboration with local olive oil distributors from Queen Creek Olive Mill. This partnership ensures a high-quality, additive-free infusion that beautifully marries cannabis and olive oil. The commitment to purity is evident, as no additional additives, preservatives, or chemicals are used – just the natural essence of two beautiful plants coming together. Whether it's a thoughtful gift or a daily indulgence, Abstrakt's THC-infused Olive Oil adds a touch of magic to every kitchen adventure.

30mg THC

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