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A Way of Life: On a Sunday Afternoon

Remember waking up to fresh smelling tortillas? Your Tio and Tia arguing over the night before. All the cousins sharing the same room or beds. You get to eat more than you can handle. Then it’s off to get a fit right and a fresh fade or cut. A little therapy with the man that spins the chair, as you call the homie to see what’s going down. Time for some to medicate and others to get their hustle on. At one point in the evening, the drinks come out and you hit the chick you’ve been talking to for months. As family and friends gather at the end of the day to celebrate another day, homies cruising up in their classic cars thanking god for the air in our lungs. Now, there are not too many brands that brace a culture lifestyle and just a way of life. On A Sunday Afternoon aka OASA is that brand.

On A Sunday Afternoon

In just one quick year, OASA founder and CEO Robert “Bobby Anthony” Luera has taken an idea, made it into a brand, and now into a lifestyle. Bobby Anthony is no Stranger to success. At one point, Bobby was not only known locally but was also featured in the European top 10 billboards. A native to Glendale, Bobby has grown up in a rough city but alway seemed to keep himself one step away from being just another digit. From a young age he was able to be around and learn from people like baby bash, MC Magic, and Snoop Dogg. Bobby Anthony replies “I needed to use my creativity to create a space that was universal to all chicanos.”

On A Sunday Afternoon

On A Sunday Afternoon is a brand that embraces a lifestyle. OASA can be found in places like the Arizona Super Show, Cobra Arcade bar, and it’s home, Kiss Pollos. From public figures like Luciano knows best to AVP entertainment to the common person and child, OASA has something for everyone. OASA is local – soon to be nationwide. “I came up with OASA while I was enjoying my time as a full time stay at home father. Just enjoying a simpler life (from my music career) back in my hood with my family and my daughter. I loved it.” Said Bobby Anthony.

On A Sunday Afternoon

With a number of designs from people like Anthony Maya @tatts_by_ant. OASA is ready for you to order, not only a number of different clothing designs, but pretty much anything you can think of. Once again known to be more than a brand, “I want OASA to become the universal brand for our community. I would love to be able to have an OASA location in every hood across the world. It’s so important for my kids and their peers to see our culture as an art and not ghetto. I want to help do my part through my network in changing the public’s view on us,” Bobby Anthony states. On A Sunday Afternoon represents not only fashion but art, hard work, and a way of life.

On A Sunday Afternoon

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Adam Maya aka “The HoMiE ToE” is one half of the Arizona music group “HoMe GrOwN”. Within the Arizona group, ToE is the manager, event planner, promoter, beat producer, etc. The co-host and co-founder of HoMe MaDe GeNiUs Podcast – a podcast that provides a networking platform for Arizona. He is a loving father and dedicates his life to his children. ToE also spends time volunteering at a youth sports organization called Rep it Sports, where he is a coach, event organizer, counselor, and mentor. ToE is cannabis friendly and believes in working hard, staying loyal and just loving living life. All smiles Arizona native.



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