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420 Ultimate Tours

If you and your friends enjoy cannabis and partying, but are tired of lame house parties, 420 Ultimate Tours has the solution for you. Just picture yourself with your friends, and friends you have yet to meet, along with the finest organic cannabis blunts provided by Mwisho as you ride along with great vibes in the most luxurious way. 420 Ultimate Tours is one of the best places to be this summer, don’t watch the fun from Snapchat, join in!

420 Ultimate Tours is a black-owned cannabis business created by Phoenix native, Shansan “Chance” Chambers. With 420 Ultimate Tours, you’re guaranteed to have the “ultimate” good time. With pre-rolls provided by Mwisho, every time you will have the highest experience. Mwisho is a tobacco-free blunt pre-rolled with only the highest quality, finest cannabis in Arizona.  

But the 420 Ultimate Tours isn’t just known for the best ride or the cannabis, it’s also known for attracting celebrities in the cannabis industry such as rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner. On the bus, you can possibly run into the crew of Cannabis Cactus Magazine, and the Home Grown podcast team.

This summer celebrate 420 anywhere and everywhere so go register and mark your calendar for your next event date with the best and only 420 Ultimate Tours in Arizona. Contact to reserve your spot before it is too late. 420 Ultimate Tours sends their gratitude to the Arizona Cannabis Community for their continued support.

“We can assure you that this is only the beginning as we have plans to expand into other markets,” the owner of 420 Ultimate Tours and creator of Mwisho blunt wraps Chambers said.

420 Ultimate Tours are now accepting serious investors and also hiring full time workers. The positions that need to be filled as soon as possible are the positions of General Manager and Events Coordinator for the Phoenix market. If these positions interest you please email for general inquiries.

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