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25mm Seamless Banger | Quartz Nail by Yo Dabba Dabba

25 mm Seamless Banger | Quartz nail  Yo Dabba Dabba | Where: Paraphernalia Boutique

If you find yourself wanting to start dabbing but feel the accessories may be a bit expensive then maybe you should check out Yo Dabba Dabba. A lot of quartz nails can run you a pretty penny especially American made ones. Yo Dabba solves this problem by importing high quality quartz pieces from facilities overseas. All of their products are quality checked and work just as good as some of those brands that run hundreds for similar products. This bucket is a higher quality they carry that is seamless meaning it’s one solid piece of quartz instead of the bucket welded to the stem which makes it more durable. For the price the quality is on point and retains heat extremely well. A Great starting point for dabbing accessories. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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